Hello there.  Its been awhile 3 years and it feels good to be writing again. Like a good long stretch after a nap– where even your tippy toes get that warm, blissful sensation.

I’m using this new space to share life updates and also to share more about a little health journey I’m on.  There’s married life, family, work, summer sweatin’ in Florida, and an upcoming minor surgery.  I find it therapeutic to pull out the swirling mess going around inside my brain and plop it down on paper and then hope that I can sort through the tangled ball of spaghetti to make some sort of sense of my ooie gooie feelings and emotions.  And I know all of you want to read about said feelings.

Speaking of spaghetti…that’s what Bobby has requested for dinner tonight so spaghetti (or rather rigatoni) we shall have.



  1. Jessica · June 17, 2018

    I love you and can’t wait to read along…ps that doodle is MY favorite!


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