Life Update.

Life is good.  Its hot as H. E. double hockey sticks but hey, that’s south Florida in June.

Eloise and KateSouth Florida is run by the tourist season so summer is a bit slower time of year for both Bobby and I.  The rains have already started and the hot and muggy air makes it a little bit harder to be productive.  New critters have moved in because of the rain including a very loud and annoying toad who sits outside the bedroom window and serenades us at 1am.  An infestation of tiny black crickets at work have me on edge because they look like swarms of icky spiders.

We don’t have too many big plans for the next few months and that’s ok with me.  We are planning a staycation for the end of July/early August and Bobby is trying to head back to Colorado for a visit with his dad.

My mom came to visit last week and that was wonderful!  She helped us get our life organized, helped me finish my gallery wall and also watched a million episodes of I Love Lucy and The Office with me.  Its always nice to have a TV watching partner–especially if its your mom.

gallery wall

Also, I got to visit with my sister and her family the weekend before on a quick trip to Michigan.  I filled up on nephew and niece hugs and kisses and enjoyed some beautiful evenings chatting with family until the light finally disappeared at 10pm.






  1. Kyle · June 21, 2018

    I’m so glad you’re blogging again. It makes me feel closer. Like you live next door.


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