Health Odyssey



Whew.  What a week it has been.  I can’t recall the last time a week has pushed me to my mental limits.  But it is a beautiful Sunday morning and I am thankful for a new week!

Aurelia and I are just basking in the morning light.  The tiniest snoring noises and fluttering purrs are coming from her as she takes her 2nd morning nap.  With fresh brewed coffee in my favorite vintage mug I am working on my grocery list for the week.  PS–Why does it take me an hour to make a grocery list?

This past week I also began a serious change in my diet.  I recently reconnected with a childhood friend who does health coaching on the side.  My twin sister- who hears my daily woes and excuses of my lack of good health- urged me to reach out to her.  After my surgery I knew that I needed to pull up my boot straps and start making some solid, long term decisions that would have a positive impact on my health.  I don’t want to be that person anymore that just complains and does nothing about it—so I’m doing something about it!

I’m really excited.  Like, super duper excited!  I’m on day 5 of a completely new way of eating.  I’m drinking 80 ounces of water compared to my previous 8 ounces I used to consume.  I’m eating 6 times a day and ingesting lots of vegetables and protein.  I’m retraining my brain to understand what my body needs and that food is fuel.  I’m on day 5 of no pasta and I actually don’t feel too sad about it!  My body was in detox mode the first several days and there were moments of wanting to give up, but I just took it one minute at a time.  Friday I came home from work with a splitting headache, achy body, and a mood that compared only to an irritable dragon.  But today I am feeling great!

I was thinking the other day about the word journey.  H E A L T H  J O U R N E Y.  I don’t know why, but suddenly I don’t like using that word to describe what I’m doing.  I think its because it makes it seem too easy, like its going to be this blissful, sun-drenched, paved road ahead–frolicking down a path with a basket full of perfectly ripe peaches and shiny green vegetables and positive encouragement from all of my woodland friends.  But the reality is that this is tough.  I’ve let my PCOS symptoms dictate my life.  I’ve developed 10 years worth of bad habits that are so ingrained in me it makes me worried to think I won’t be able to break them.  I have become so comfortable with my discomfort that the idea of transforming is terrifying.  But I’ve dug up some courage and I’m going to give it my best try.

Day 5 of my health odyssey and I am on my way.







  1. Kyle · July 22, 2018

    One minute, one hour, one day. I’m going to get back on track too


  2. Elizabeth · July 24, 2018

    so proud of you! You can do it!!!


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