All creatures great and small

Hello.  Just a little life update here.  Work has been hectic, hence my quietness on the ol’ blog, but overall I am feeling A-OK!

Although, currently I am in severe agony over 3 mosquito bites on the side and bottom of my left foot– does anyone else agree that this (and your fingers) is the absolute worst place to get a mosquito bite?  I woke up 3 times in the middle of the night with my foot throbbing and itching.  Working in the Everglades is a beautiful experience, but the mosquitos are from the Jurassic period and WILL CARRY YOU AWAY!  However, most of the wildlife I get to see is amazing and this week I finally got to see something other than the “normal” wildlife.  I saw a  b e a r !  Oh my- talk about a cool experience.  Luckily I was in a car, but I secretly wanted to give it a giant hug.  Florida black bears are small and skinny compared to some of the other species of bears and my native Floridan friends say they tend to be quite shy (I’ll take their word for it).  My next goal is to see a panther– preferably from a safe distance!


I also saw this caterpillar, obviously just as exciting as a bear.

In terms of my health, I am feeling great!  I am officially on my 5th week of my new program and having a health coach to encourage and keep me on track has made all of the difference.  I am down 11.5 pounds, have so much more energy, am drinking 80oz of water daily, learning to cook new foods, and overall feeling  p r e t t y  proud of myself.

Sometimes I honestly can’t believe I haven’t had pasta in 5 weeks.  To some that may seem like an easy task, but when I started 5 weeks ago, food had a massive control over my mind.  I won’t lie, it still does, but I am working through all of those things as I rebuild healthy habits.  I’ve realized that I am stronger than I ever gave myself credit for and that I am capable of accomplishing really hard things.  There are days that are a struggle and I want to give up, and that’s ok.  There are also much more easy days than hard days now.  I am constantly reminding myself that small accomplishments over significant time bring to pass great things.  So ‘YAY!’ to me and ‘YAY!’ to you for achieving small things!!

(Also I’ve learned that I hate salad.  I don’t truly believe that anyone can really love salad 😉 )



Well, I am off to accomplish more small things like the laundry mountain.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!



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