Is it too early for autumn talk?


Found this beauty at work the other day

Hello. Just doing a little relaxing before I hit the hay at 9pm.  Yes. That is my bedtime.  Also enjoying my new W H I T E  P U M P K I N candle by DW Home {p.s. DW Home makes my most favorite candle of all time called Wild Honey Nectar.  p.s.s. only buy it at Marshalls because you will save at least $10}.  I know its technically not Fall yet but I can’t help myself!  I also hate that pumpkin has become so ‘trendy’ because now I feel slightly embarrassed to embrace my true and undying love for autumn.  My husband loves spring and does not understand why I love a season where everything is dying.  But how can you resist those sunbursts of color against bright clear skies?

South Florida does not see autumn until December– cool brisk mornings with warm afternoons.  Growing up in Colorado I longed for autumn.  It always seemed fleeting though, being hastily rushed out by the sudden cold of winter.  Fall usually brings on a bout of home sickness for me.  After 9 years of living in Florida, I still dearly miss this season.

I have this very fond memory of a particularly perfect fall afternoon.  I was in junior high at the time and had just finished up my cello lesson and was waiting for my older sister to finish up her viola lesson.  My cello teacher lived next door to my sister’s viola teacher– what a convenience!  I was stretched out in the backseat of her mustard yellow Volvo, eating a snack with the windows rolled down.  My backpack acted as a cushion for my back and I was deeply enthralled by people escaping the ebola virus in the latest book I was reading, The Hot Zone.  The air was a bit chilly, but the afternoon sun warmed the inside of the car and the smell of crunchy leaves drifted in.  I felt like a cat lying in the sun and remember confirming in my head that fall was indeed the most wonderful season.

I don’t know why that memory has stuck with me all these years, but I love that it has.


  1. Kyle · September 5

    Love fall too and love your memory.


    • macuenfamilyupdates · September 5

      It’s the best–minus Christmas of course 🙂


      • Jessica · September 8

        We’ll send you some leaves! 🍁🍂


      • Kate. · September 9

        yes please do!!


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