My Uterus is Kind of Broken

*If you’re uncomfortable with knowing about my reproductive health, skip on by 🙂

The first sign that something wasn’t right was just before Christmas.  My always abnormal period (thank you PCOS) was even more abnormal.  My period lasted for over 20 days and with it came some atypical symptoms.  I chalked it up to my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and thought my body would probably just work it out.

My next period came and went, lasting the typical 15 days (don’t be jealous).

But then it wasn’t normal again.  Another long and very heavy period lasting 37 days.  Can we just chat honestly for a second about what that is like?  Uncomfortable, inconvenient, and frustrating.  I was so angry at my body.  I had to deal with daily headaches, bloating, going through 2 1/2 giant boxes of tampons, and many, many tears for 3 7  d a y s.  I was like a sanitary product hoarder– always keeping them in my pant pockets, desk drawers, purse, and car.  I would even stick them inside my lunch box because I could never be too far away from one.  Let’s just say this is not ideal for an office environment where you sometimes get caught in 3 hour meetings.


And the tiredness.  Not just a sleepy feeling from a long day at work.  A heavy and almost debilitating tiredness that knocked me on my hiney.  I could start to feel my work suffering and the strain on my relationships.  After much urging from my family, I headed to my OBGYN.  Blood work and two ultrasounds later I was diagnosed with anemia, uterine polyps and a too thick uterine wall–on top of my PCOS.

The treatment, besides some good ol’ fashion iron, is a D&C (dilation and curettage) to remove the polyps and basically clean everything out.

I’m feeling nervous.  I’ve never been in a hospital before as a patient and I don’t like the idea of receiving general anesthesia.  But I’m also feeling optimistic.  Currently I have three strikes against everything working properly.  The ultimate goal here is to have a healthy, functioning body. I know so many have been on their own infertility journeys and the highs and lows are no joke.  Bobby and I would love to have a baby, and after 6 years, we are hopeful this will be a step in the right direction.

Anyone else gone through a D&C for polyp removal?  Any advice for recovery would be most welcome!




Life Update.

Life is good.  Its hot as H. E. double hockey sticks but hey, that’s south Florida in June.

Eloise and KateSouth Florida is run by the tourist season so summer is a bit slower time of year for both Bobby and I.  The rains have already started and the hot and muggy air makes it a little bit harder to be productive.  New critters have moved in because of the rain including a very loud and annoying toad who sits outside the bedroom window and serenades us at 1am.  An infestation of tiny black crickets at work have me on edge because they look like swarms of icky spiders.

We don’t have too many big plans for the next few months and that’s ok with me.  We are planning a staycation for the end of July/early August and Bobby is trying to head back to Colorado for a visit with his dad.

My mom came to visit last week and that was wonderful!  She helped us get our life organized, helped me finish my gallery wall and also watched a million episodes of I Love Lucy and The Office with me.  Its always nice to have a TV watching partner–especially if its your mom.

gallery wall

Also, I got to visit with my sister and her family the weekend before on a quick trip to Michigan.  I filled up on nephew and niece hugs and kisses and enjoyed some beautiful evenings chatting with family until the light finally disappeared at 10pm.





Just Relax.

Am I the only one who gets annoyed when someone says in moments of high anxiety, “Just Reeelaaxx.”  What they’re really saying is, “Stop being completely irrational and chill your pill.”

How about a hug instead? K Thanks.

I’ve been working really hard on controlling my anxiety and telling myself to relax is not in the tool kit.  What has been really helpful is removing expectation from my mind.  Most of the time I am just projecting horrible scenarios and convincing myself that THIS WILL DEFINITELY HAPPEN.  Of course we all know that most of the time things work out and everything continues to be hunky dory.  And in the process of thinking the world was ending we wasted valuable breaths and heartbeats on something that didn’t even matter.

I came across these lyrics tonight:

“Shut your mind off and let your heart breathe
You don’t need to be worried”

Yes! Ok, so can we all promise to let those fake news worries go?  Take a moment to let your heart breathe, be present, and know that you will rarely be presented with situations that you cannot handle like a boss.




Hello there.  Its been awhile 3 years and it feels good to be writing again. Like a good long stretch after a nap– where even your tippy toes get that warm, blissful sensation.

I’m using this new space to share life updates and also to share more about a little health journey I’m on.  There’s married life, family, work, summer sweatin’ in Florida, and an upcoming minor surgery.  I find it therapeutic to pull out the swirling mess going around inside my brain and plop it down on paper and then hope that I can sort through the tangled ball of spaghetti to make some sort of sense of my ooie gooie feelings and emotions.  And I know all of you want to read about said feelings.

Speaking of spaghetti…that’s what Bobby has requested for dinner tonight so spaghetti (or rather rigatoni) we shall have.